Monday, June 14, 2010

Scooby Doo cake!

Made this one for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party too.

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Sponge Bob Cake for a friend’s Son’s birthday party

Sponge Bob and Patrick Star Cake for Donathan and Cale’s birthday. Sponge Bob and Patrick Star are sitting in a swimming pool and they both have their own intertubes you can’t see as well from this angle. Had stars, shells, and tons of jellyfish all over the cake!

Sponge Bob and Patrick Star in their intertubes waiting for the pool to fill up with water!

Had lots of fun making this one!

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America The Beautiful Set available now on Etsy. :)

Get your bling ready for July 4th!


A pic of the bracelet and ring.

A picture of the dangly earrings and the bracelet together.

Also available on etsy. Just click here to purchase…

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This is the cake I made for Mother’s Day 2010


It’s a 6″ oval cake, lemon cake with lemon colored and flavored frosting. Has daisies and was sooooooooooo good!

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


I’m a friend of SewFlakes on facebook! Check out their quilting stuff. :) Fun!!!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cakes for Fun!

and a second cake for the same birthday… it was for twins

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Cake Decorating Classes Finale for final class …

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cake Decorating Class at Hobby Lobby

Finale cake for class 3. I love this one the most so far!

It’s so much fun making all the different flowers.

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Cake Decorating Class at Hobby Lobby

This is my first cake in class 3.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Papa Sandwiches!

Do you have a small or large family and want to save $900.00 to $5,000.00 every year on lunches?


Learn all about Papa Sandwiches right here!



I call these Papa sandwiches. My Grandmother always kept sandwich stuff set up like this for my Grandfather. I called him Papa so I’ve always called these Papa sandwiches. :)


You can make it really fast so if you’re always skipping taking lunch because it’s too much hassle to make. It’s not! Just set it up for yourself easy on Saturday afternoon so you’ll have time to do it all week.




I bought the really nice clear containers with the blue lining around the lids Rubbermaid serving savers is what they’re called. I go through and put everything in these containers and it’s all ready for you when you’re going to make a sandwich.


Large – Lettuce

Medium – cheese and meat

Small – onion

Small – tomato

Medium – carrots

Medium – celery




What I get…


Bread – You can get a good loaf of bread for around 1.50. Or you can get it at the hostess store and it’s about the same age for less.


Pickles – I like the already sliced pickles so the price reflects this as well. 3.00


Mayo – I just figured in you could get about 40 sandwiches out of a jar of mayo. And YES the good stuff! You can watch for coupons on this! 2.00


Mustard – Same with mustard about 40 sandwiches. You can watch for coupons on this! 1.50


Lettuce – About 40 sandwiches with lettuce leaves. 1.29


Meat – I put turkey and ham so it can be changed up a little sometimes. No-one wants to eat the same thing every single day. 2.50 for turkey and 2.50 for ham


Onion – Cut into about 12 slices – I put the price of two onions because they won’t last 2 weeks 1.00 each


Tomato – Cut into about 12 slices – I put the price of two tomatoes because they won’t last 2 weeks 1.00 each


Cheese – 24 pieces for around 2.00 or you can get the chunks of it like I do. TIP: Cheese can be frozen too if you need to FYI!


Carrots – the bag of already cut baby carrots is no more expensive than the ones you have to clean. 2.50 for a big bag


Celery – it only takes a few minutes to cut celery and wash it real fast. 1.50 for a stalk of celery


Chips – BAKED chips ladies! Not Doritos and fatty chips. I put 3.00 on this depends on which ones you get.




Total cost for the items to make the sandwiches comes up to 26.00. I know that sounds expensive BUT!… It’s a lot healthier than eating out, AND you can make at least a dozen lunches for that price. If you have a mom, dad, and a child or two that’s just about everyone’s lunch for the week. And for less than it would cost for one of you to eat out every day for lunch.






Grab everything from the fridge, zip locks, chips and a paper towel. It’s a really good idea to have a tray that you use to gather things in your kitchen if it’s not a really small one like mine. I really like wrapping a paper towel around my sandwich because when I put it out on the table or desk I can lay the paper towel out to put my lunch on.


Set them all on the counter. Take the lids off, pull whatever you want out of each one and put it on your sandwich. Put the lids back on, close everything up and it shouldn’t take you but a minute or two to make a sandwich, and have some carrots, celery, chips and have a good yummy lunch! If you have 2, 3, 4 people in your family think about how fast you can make lunch for everyone.




And last tip: DRINK WATER! It’s so good for you! And it’s free!!




Compare the prices: You save half comparing a 7.00 lunch at most places.



Papa Sandwiches

Eating Out




Mom and Dad



Mom and Dad + 1 Child



Mom and Dad + 2 Children



Mom and Dad + 3 Children



Mom and Dad + 4 Children





This is how much you “SAVE” per week and per year.



Papa Sandwiches

Eating Out




Mom and Dad



Mom and Dad + 1 Child



Mom and Dad + 2 Children



Mom and Dad + 3 Children



Mom and Dad + 4 Children





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